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Charlotte A. - Sex: 4 Books in 1 (Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra, Dirty Talk & Sex Positions)
26.04.2021, 07:04

In some ways, voicing out all the freaky things that’s on your mind is more revealing than taking your clothes off. After all, in the latter, you only bare your body while in the former, you bare your soul.
Sex is first conceived in the brain. In fact, 80% of the sex we have in our lifetimes occur inside our heads. These comprise of the carnal memories, the buildup of desire, and the conscious and subconscious fantasies. These are the driving forces that influence all things that we do during the actual intimate act. By the time you slip into the sheets, your brain has been leading up to the erotic encounter. In other words, even before you start getting down and dirty with your lover, your mind has already fondled and fucked him/her a thousand times over.
Perhaps you’ve already read somewhere that the brain is the largest, most powerful sex organ that men and women commonly share. After all, the brain has a boundless reserve of sensual stimuli and it’s where the sex drive originates. Each time you moan, scream, or whisper something into your lover’s ear, his/her brain’s hearing center processes it. It is also processed by the temporal, frontal, and occipital lobes. So, while this important sexual organ may not be touched physically, dirty talk before and during sex allows you to lick, caress, and fuck various parts of your lover’s brain all at one time and all while you’re pleasuring your partner’s body.

Название: Sex: 4 Books in 1 (Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra, Dirty Talk & Sex Positions)
Автор: Charlotte A.
Язык: English
Издательство: Quiver Books
Жанр: Sex
Год выхода: 2017
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 214
Размер: 20 мб

Скачать Charlotte A. - Sex: 4 Books in 1 (Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra, Dirty Talk & Sex Positions)

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