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Victor E. Sellner - Kama Sutra Sex Positions Guide
04.06.2021, 10:06

In this position, the female lays completely on her front as the male mounts her from the back. He covers her with his whole body as the penis penetrates from the back, the male legs and elbows used to prevent his body weight from completely crushing the female. In this position, the male moves back and forth and use his hands to caress the breast. He may also kiss and suck her nape or perform other methods of additional stimulation.

The doggy style is a favorite for many guys because it offers incredibly deep penetration. Women also find this an excellent technique because it helps hit more pleasurable spots in the vagina. Depending on the angle of the penetration, doggy style can hit the P-Spot or the G-Spot, both of which are highly sensitive. Even if these two spots aren’t stimulated, however, guys have the option of stimulating the clitoris, the U-Spot, and the K-Spot using their hands. Women can also use their fingers to add to the pleasure by stroking the clitoris. Hence, it’s a position of infinite possibilities and, with just a few tweaks, can further heighten the pleasure.
There are essentially two ways to perform the doggy style. The first one is common, whereby the woman goes on all fours and spreads her legs wide for penetration. The second technique is when the female keeps her thighs close together. Either position allows the female to keep both hands stretched out or flat on her chest. Of the two, the closed thighs position is often more pleasurable for the male because it grips the penis tighter.

Название: Kama Sutra Sex Positions Guide
Автор: Victor E. Sellner
Язык: English
Издательство: All rights reserved
Жанр: sex
Год выхода: 2020
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 137
Размер: 27 mb

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